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Open floor plans

An open floor plan.

Open different spaces for different functions.

Open floor plans have assumed great importance in the construction of residential complexes these days. In this a large area encompasses the different spaces meant for distinct functions. For instance, in one type of home, we find that there are different rooms, including the living room, kitchen, and bedroom. But it is just the reverse in case of open floor plans.

House floor plans

When you are building your dream home, it is quite natural that you will want to incorporate all that you have always wanted to in your nest. And for that house floor plans are important. In fact, the house floorplans are so crucial that it will actually help to decide or determine how your home will look when it is finally done. An architect is an ideal person that suggests the specifications for the same. You just need to convey your idea to your architect and if it is practically possible to carry out the construction, the way you want it, the floor plan will be the guiding aspect.

Open house plans

Open house plans give you ample opportunity to effectively utilize space available on the outside of your house. There are different types of house plans available and one that you can ask your architect to construct. Few of the open house plan styles include Bungalows, Beach Style, Colonial, Castle type, Coastal, Country, Cottage, Contemporary, European, Craftsman, and English Country.

Remember, your dream home is an investment of a lifetime and you should not keep any stones unturned in shaping your dream home according to your desire. As mentioned above, the architects will be able to provide the blueprint of the project on the basis of which the construction can proceed.

Home floor plans

A well planned home.

You have always wanted to plan your own nest.

Home floor plans are basically graphical representation of a single room or a building as a whole when viewed from the top. In other words, it is a bird’s eye view of the building that will be built in the future. A home floorplan will enable you to understand and have a rough idea about the location of the rooms. Working out a home floor plan takes into account several aspects few of them being your lifestyle, privacy, the décor of the room that you intend to plan out and the like. It is best to hire a home designer for the same.

Kitchen floor plans

A design of an open kitchen.

The best design ideas for open plan kitchens.

When working out the kitchen floor plans, it is important to keep in mind the utility of the space. For instance, how much storage space you desire, whether or not you need a counter to serve food on the dining table, and the like. Also how much space would you like to allocate for the cabinets and for the other appliances that you plan to keep in your kitchen. The most common appliances placed inside the kitchen include dishwasher, coffee maker, gas burners, refrigerator, grinder, juicer, sink, microwave oven, induction cooker if you are using one, and the like.

Open floor plan design

When you are opting for open floor plan design, it is of utmost importance to use the right shades and hues of color so that it gives your room a spacious and open look. Also, it will prevent the large space from looking cluttered, especially if you have many pieces of furniture placed in the room. The open floorplan design should be such that you get ample space for moving about. You will be able to clean the space properly and the location of the sewage pipes, gas and plumbing lines will not be affected. Most importantly, you should have the provision to remodel the space whenever you need to in future. The same goes for the open plan offices as well.