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Office floor plans

Drawing an office floor plan is quick and simple

Visio Office Floor Plan

An office floor plan is an overhead view of an office space, complete with walls, windows, doors, furniture, and so on. That space could be a single office, or several offices. Because Microsoft Visio lets you drag, drop, and resize whole offices and the furniture they contain, it makes planning even a large office space fairly quick and simple.

Start with a template

Visio Office Layout Template

The first step in creating your office floor plan is to open the Office Layout template.

The Office Layout template comes with several stencils that contain shapes for offices and cubicles. It also provides several additional tools.

The Office Layout template gives options for:

  • The Plan menu, and the scaled drawing page.
  • The Plan menu, and shapes for walls and windows. No drawing scale is set until you choose.
  • An example floor plan that already has walls, windows, and doors arranged for you. All you have to do is add furniture and equipment.
  • A stencil with shapes for walls, doors, and windows. You don't get any shapes for furniture or computer equipment.

The Plan menu lists commands that help you work with the floor plan layout.

Put the walls in

Visio Office Layout Plan

If your office area is rectangular, you put the walls in by dragging the Room shape on to the drawing page. Then just resize the room by dragging one of its selection handles. As you resize the shape, Visio changes and displays its dimensions.

There's also a way to make an office that's not rectangular. And, you can also use the Room shape to contain more than one office.

Put doors and windows in the walls

Visio Window Door Shape

After putting in the walls, you usually add doors and windows by dragging those shapes on to the walls.

Because Visio is creating both data and a diagram, this process creates and stores relationships:

  • Visio automatically connects the door and window to the walls. If you move a wall, the door or window moves with it.
  • If you move the entire space, the doors and walls move with it because they are connected to it.
  • You can drag to change the width of a window or door, and the displayed dimensions change to match.

Add furniture and accessories

Visio Furniture Stencile

The stencils that come with the Office Layout template contain numerous shapes of standard office furniture and accessories, including desks, chairs, tables, computers, plants, waste cans, and so on. In the Shapes window, click the title bar of the stencil you want, and then just drag shapes into the office to furnish it.

Some of the shapes have control handles you can use to position or resize those items. For example, you can drag the control handle on a chair to rotate the chair.