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Office building floor plans

Office building floor plans may come in a variety of styles and exterior finishes. There are many different ways of arranging the space on office building and while these vary according to function, managerial fashions and the culture of specific companies can be even more important. When designing office floor plans there are a number of things to think about, such as number of employees, function, and so on. A good idea is to download some planning software that allows you to design a floor layout quickly and accurately.

Office floor, example 1.

Office building floor plans example 1

Office floor plans example.

This office building floor plan features a few closed offices, open office area, a conference room and reception area. Planning considerations for the reception area need to include an estimate of visitor traffic to help plan the floor space required and the facilities to be incorporated. Planning the conference room needs to take account of the number of staff to be accommodated and the number of meetings with internal and external clients. The number of closed and open office workspaces needs to balance the company culture with the need for privacy for more senior staff.

Building floorplan, example 2.

Office building floor plan example 2

Office building floorplan example.

This office building floor plan includes private offices, restrooms, a janitorial closet, meeting room and a separate kitchen area. Private offices are now typically used only for a few higher-level managers who need to conduct business with a degree of confidentiality as the trend is towards openness in terms of space and also corporate culture. Meeting room design needs to consider the frequency of meetings and the numbers attending. These rooms can easily be largely dead space if they are overplanned. The office floor plan also includes hygiene utilities like a janitorial closet and a separate kitchen area.