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Visio background, Visio layer

Question - Does anyone know if it is possible to create a layer in Microsoft Visio that can be used for all of the pages?

Microsoft Visio background answer 1.

Setting Visio background on page 2.

One more tip - use a page as a layer in another page in the same document. First create a page ("Page 2") and in the Page Setup dialog in the Page Properties tab set the Type to Background.

Setting Visio background on page 1.

Then in "Page 1" in the Page Setup dialog in the Page Properties tab set the Background to Page 2. Now everything you draw on page 2 will automatically show up on page 1 underneath any shapes.

Make sure the item you are adding, i.e. layer, is set up as a background. You can do this when first adding a new layer, or you can go to File > Page Setup > Format and clicking the radio box marked background. A neat function in Visio is making backgrounds for backgrounds, and this can be accomplished by making a background and selecting a previous background as the background for your new background. How many times can I say background in one sentence? Kidding aside, it's a very useful tool when creating hundreds of wireframes for a project. After creating all of your backgrounds, make each addition page a foreground. You can select the aggregate background or the single background, depending on the nature of the page. Ex: Have a stock background for, say, top and left nav, but use a second background to indicate rollovers by having the second background have the original with a highlighted button. Then, when creating your foreground, use the original for your homepage and then the second background for a specific section, say, when the user goes to the enter new order section. Hope this helps...

Microsoft Visio background answer 2.

You want to use a background, not a layer. Frankly, I don't know anyone who really gets the Visio layer thing that well.

How to create/use a background in MS Visio:

In Visio, you make a page which you want to be the background. With that page visible, click File > Page setup and click the page properties tab. Set the radio button for the page type to background. (Note that the page setup dialog has some tabs that pertain to the document as a whole, and others that pertain to only the active page. Visio is ironically an example of some really crappy UI.)

For each page that you want to use that background, go to that page and again click File > Page setup and click the page properties tab. This time, the page in step 1 will now show up in the Background: list box. Select your background and voila, you got it.

Microsoft Visio background answer 3.

I don't know if you can do it with layers in Visio, but you can do it by creating a background page. You create a page, designate it as a background under page properties, and then for each page, choose it as a background, also under page properties. You do have to designate it for each page, but you only create the page itself once.