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Create a Microsoft Visio 3D map

Directional Map 3D (Maps and Floor Plans).

Source: Microsoft website Create a map in Visio February 2011.
Applies to MS Visio 2003 and 2007.

3-D directional map diagram

3-D directional map diagram.

  1. On the File tab, select New.
  2. Under Template Categories, click Maps and Floor Plans, select Directional Map 3D Create.
  3. From Directional Map Shapes 3D, drag road shapes onto the drawing page. You can duplicate road shapes by selecting the shape, and then pressing CTRL+D. Repeat to create multiple road segments.
  4. Align the shapes to create the road configuration you want.
    • To nudge a shape into position, select the shape and then press the arrow key that represents the direction you want.
    • To create a longer road or a road grid that can be moved as a single unit, group multiple road shapes together.
  5. Drag other shapes, such as bridges, buildings, and cars onto your map.
  6. To rotate a selected shape, drag the Rotation handle .
  7. To add text to shapes, select a shape, and then type.

A decent tutorial Microsoft Visio 2007: How to Create a 3-D Directional Map was once found on website grok.lsu.edu. Not any more.

However, how to create a 3D object in Visio? By 3D, it’s meant a diagram or graphic that has a z-axis like a cube or pyramid. This structure can be viewed rotated, flown through etc.

There is an addon for Visio, called 3D Visioner. Its commercial, but there is a free trial so might be worth a shot.