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Open office design ideas

An open office by Smart Design Studio.

Designer: Smart Design Studio. An open plan environment housed within a five-storey brick and timber-framed warehouse in Ultimo, Sydney.

The concept of "green" office space and ergonomically friendly furniture in office premises is in vogue these days. Most of the corporate stalwarts are of the opinion that unless employees feel relaxed and comfortable at their workstations, the productivity might be affected. With this concept, many business houses and offices have started incorporating newer designs and most importantly open office layout, which according to some experts enhance the creativity in individuals as they do not find themselves confined within stringent boundaries.

Open office plan from Quickborner, 1963.

Plans such as this from 1963 represent the first glimpse of open office landscape to come from Germany.

In this article, we will highlight the essential aspects of open plan office and know more about the open office design ideas. Experts are of the opinion that the open plan office design is perhaps one of the most effective ways to make more room for employees, which is in sharp contrast against the concept of cubicles that have single occupants. These cubicles usually take up a lot of space thereby making it difficult for the optimum utilization of space in offices.

What to take into account in an open office design?

Furniture is an important aspect that needs to be paid heed to. The arrangement of desks and workstations is crucial. Remember, the office layout can affect sentiments, mental makeup, and consequently productivity of employees. The furniture in the open plan office should be arranged in such a manner so that anytime the IT team wants to make few changes to the existing set up of hardware and cables; the same can be done without any hassles.

Furniture for open offices.

Strategic thinking + design ideas = successful planning and happy employees.

Aside from the above, it is equally important to keep in mind the arrangement of task chairs. It is essential that the so called "task seating" arrangements should be such that staff comfort as well as health is addressed. The designs of the chairs and furniture should be designed in order to reduce carbon footprints. Also, the use of leather and suitable fabric can be used as far as designing the upholstery is concerned. It should at no point of time radiate a shabby and unkempt look.

Gone are the days when employees had to confine themselves inside closed walls, perhaps getting to see another co-worker only at the end of the day. Such an arrangement can lead to monotony in work and consequently hurt the productivity of the individual.

Advantages of open office design

A modular workstation in an open office.

Due to their design, modular workstations give an office a contemporary feel.

In the following paragraphs, we will see why most of the offices these days are opting for open office design layouts.


When it comes to economics, open office designs are economical. This is because if there had been closed cubicles, you could have accommodated less number of employees. In case of open plan office design, you will be able to space out more employees at any given point of time.


When it comes to supervising your co-workers or team members, this arrangement makes it easier to supervise. All you have to do is either call your team member over the instant chat messaging or walk up to him to communicate. In this way it is easier for the team to manage things better and rise up to any situation promptly.

Electricity usage

In terms of electricity, it has been observed that you save a lot. Most of the open plan offices are centrally air conditioned. There is no need to install separate air conditioners for every cabin or chamber.

Excellent working environment

It is much more flexible to work in open plan office design layouts. It only adds to "space efficiency" in the office environment but also contributes immensely to job satisfaction among the employees. However, open office designs may not be suitable for jobs and for employees that deal with a lot of private and secured information of clients.