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How to decorate your coolest new bedroom

In this fast paced life where cut throat competition rules supreme, your bedroom is one place where you can forget about the deadlines, client meetings, working out asset management strategies, or about that favorite Forex trading plans that you have on the back of your mind and retire for the night.

A cool bedroom design and floorplan.

Your very own coolest bedroom floor plan.

This is the ideal place where you can unwind, relax, and set your soul and body free from the daily commitments. As such, the bedroom has to be unique, designed and decorated as per your taste and desire. There is a very wrong concept that the best looking bedrooms are perhaps the most expensive. But it is not true. With the advent of promo codes, coupon codes, and last minute shopping deals, the whole idea of shopping has taken a new approach.

Luxury living is in. The manner in which you plan and design your bedroom reflects your aesthetic sense. If you have recently bought a farmhouse surrounded by hills and a huge water body in front, you definitely want serenity. So, how will you decorate your coolest new bedroom so that it is in tandem with the surrounding? Let us see how.

Uncluttered floor plan

Simple is sweet and appealing. Decorate the bedroom with the basic furniture. All you would need to keep its floor uncluttered is a bed, bedside tables, bookshelf, television, potted plants, and a modern looking chandelier.

Choose soothing shades for the room

As far as the color of the bedroom is concerned, it can be steel gray or white with a tint of pink all around. These days most of the households have walls of different colors. But to give it a simple appearance, choose a uniform color for all the walls of the room and also the ceiling. When you are choosing steel gray, the furniture in the room should essentially complement the room. The book shelf can be white with a glass panel in front, and inside where you can keep books neatly arranged. Restrict the rows of the bookshelf to two or at the most 3. The bookshelf can be placed just beneath the television (LED on the wall). You can also place a flower vase on the bookshelf. An evening lamp on the floor adjacent to the television, and a bookshelf to complete that corner of the wall.

Opt for a "new age" bed style

Don't go for the traditional styled bed. Opt for a cool looking bed. Perhaps one with a slightly tilting back rest will add grace. Couple it with matching bed sheets and bed covers. Also the pillow covers should essentially match the design and make of the bed covers and sheet.

Accessories and bedroom furniture

Regardless of whether you are buying an apartment or a bungalow, vitrified tiles are used mostly. They are easier to maintain. Place a carpet of the same color as the walls and place the bed on top of it. Make sure the size of the carpet is bigger than the bed. Ideally, the bed should be placed in the center of the carpet. Since you place the television on one side of the bed, the other can have a shelf with compact discs or your music system and to keep miscellaneous stuff like your tab or any other handheld device.

Your window to the world

Choose blinds for the windows. Venetian blinds look elegant and trendy. Also, make sure you select curtains that will allow enough light and air to enter your coolest new bedroom. On a bright sunny day, relax on your bed while you admire the surrounding hills and the azure blue water as you sip a cup of coffee and listen to blues or country music with your spouse.