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Floor plans for office

floor plans for office, sample 8231

Floor plans for office, sample No. 8231

Introduction to floor plans for the office

A floor plan for an office building must ensure a flexible and technologically advanced working environment that is safe, healthy, comfortable, durable, aesthetically pleasing, and accessible. Office floor plans incorporate a number of space types to meet the needs of staff and visitors. For example there are individual work pods, meeting rooms, recreation and kitchen spaces and reception facilities to be considered.

Samples of floor plans for office

These office floor plans have been perfected through 20 years of experience with hundreds of thousands square feet of office space development. Floor Plans for Office have been providing a complete design and installation service for office partitions, suspended ceilings and all types of office and commercial building refurbishment for over 20 years.

Best and worst floor plans for office

floor plans for office, sample 9628

Floor plans for office, sample No. 9628

Consider the modern office layout: it’s open floor plan, with lots of common space flooded with natural light, clusters of pods with low partitions (or none), all designed to encourage teamwork, boost productivity and, management hopes, improve the bottom line.

That ideal type of office layout looks great on the company's website, and most likely the creative team loves it, but what about office staff? After all, many high-tech employees prefer to work in solitude, or at least in an environment quiet enough to foster intense concentration for significant chunks of time. Are these trendy open office layouts torture to the techie brain? Find out by dry running plans past line managers and employees before implementing them.