A free floor plan design for every office, home and house!

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Floorplanner is amazingly easy to use 2D/3D drag and drop floorplan drawing tool. You work right within your browser.
You don't need to install any software, plug-ins or upgrades. Floorplanner is for free! Well, one project is for free, rest will come with the price of mac-burger.

A floor plan.

Design your own floorplans and gardens 2D / 3D.

The guys who invented
the tool say -

With our tool you can easily create stunning floorplans. It’s perfect when you want to redecorate your home, plan your own house, design office floor plans or want to give potential buyers a unique and interactive presentation of your real estate.

We wish you great fun working with Floorplanner!

Rarely, but still, in case you need some guidance

Floorplanner software is an easy tool, though you might like some assistance. Therefore there's a tutorial where you can learn all the basics in just a couple of minutes. Also there is a forum where you can post all your questions.

How to get the Floorplanner

Technically, the Froorplanner is an app that works with web browsers and is based on Flash. Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer and Safari. If you do use Google Drive you can keep all your fantastic floorplans on web, access and edit them from anywhere and share with your friends and cat, or make them entirely public.

If you are a Chrome user, click on the top-right Settings menu, Tools > Extensions > Get more extensions. Type in the search box floorplanner and hit Enter. No results for “floorplanner” in Extensions. Click on Apps… and there it is - Floorplanner from floorplanner.com, the easiest way to create floor plans. Click ADD TO CHROME.

This floor planning software is so easy to use there is nothing to learn actually. Just start playing around and have a fun!