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 The sky is the limit! Is your dream home a decked-out mansion in the country or a chic city apartment? Whatever you choose, you can design your home yourself. Experiment with decorating and interior design ideas and inspiration. Build your own house!

How to Design and Build Your Own House

Cover of the book How to Design and Build Your Own House.

How to Design and Build Your Own House.

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Description of the book

This book guides you systematically through the whole process of designing and building your own house. It offers practical assistance from the moment you begin thinking about the kind of house you want. It helps you focus your ideas and translate them into design and working plans. It shows you how to estimate costs. Then, step by step, it shows you how to construct the house - explaining and illustrating every step systematically so that you can proceed confidently from beginning to end.

Here are complete, clear instructions on everything you need to know, including:

  • How to decide what you want the house to be like - inside and outside, and in relation to the environment and neighborhood
  • How to translate your ideas and decisions into working drawings
  • How to deal with all the components of a house: structural (roof, floor, walls, columns, foundations), mechanical (plumbing and heating), electrical, interior and exterior finishing materials
  • How to establish the exact dimensions of everything, how to decide and specify where components go (from windows, heating ducts, and electrical outlets to toilets and showers)
  • How to choose and specify those parts of the house (windows, doors, furnace, hardware) that can be purchased prefabricated and ready to install
  • How to estimate costs of everything specified
  • How to incorporate the latest energy-conserving materials and equipment
  • Step-by-step directions on how to build the house section by section, from excavation and foundations to floors, walls, and roof; fireplaces, chimneys, and stairs; plumbing, heating, and electricity; wood shingles, gutters, and waterproofing; how to lay brick and principles of brick construction... everything!

Practical information is provided on purchasing materials and tools. And, throughout the book (exactly where needed) are pertinent instructions on basic techniques such as how to mix and work concrete, build forms, lay block, toe-in a nail, install a lockset, cut gypsum board and tile. Tables are included for calculating heat loss, loads, distances between structural elements, and so on. And the 748 line drawings illustrate every aspect of design and construction.

With its clarity and authority - and its extraordinary wealth of specific, detailed instruction - this is the single most comprehensive and useful book ever published on how to design and build your own house.

Authors of How to Design and Build Your Own House

Lupe DiDonno and Phyllis Sperling are both distinguished young architects, both graduates of Pratt Institute’s School of Architecture. They have had work exhibited in the “Women in American Architecture” show at the Brooklyn Museum. They are members of the American Institute of Architects and are practicing architects in New York City. Sperling and DiDonno are also the authors of How to Redesign & Renovate Your House or Apartment.

How to Design and Build Your Own House [Paperback], Lupe DiDonno (Author), Phyllis Sperling (Author), ISBN-10: 0394752007, ISBN-13: 978-0394752006.

Interior Design Sketch Portfolio

Design Sketch Portfolio.

Interior design made fun!

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This sketch pad lets you design the coolest new bedrooms or living areas! It comes with 40 interior design- (grid formatted) sketch pages, 7 plastic stencil sheets (100+ stencils) and easy “how to” instructions!

  • Design your own floor plans.
  • Design dream house!
  • This sketch pad lets you design the coolest new bedrooms or living areas!
  • It comes with 40 interior design- (grid formatted) sketch pages, 7 plastic stencil sheets (100+ stencils) and easy “how to” instructions!
  • Wonderful collection of craft activities for hours of fun and creativity.

Everyone really loves having the tools that allow to design a house... no matter how crazy it is! The stencils are great and use good drawings. They give you different papers like a floor plan, center, right side, and left side view. It is fun to color once you’re done. It is so great!!

Interior Design Sketch Portfolio by Fashion Angels, ASIN: B003ESKIKC.

The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Designing your Own Home

Designing your own home in dreams.

Design while you dream...

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Be creative - and save some cash. Building or renovating a home used to require an architect, but this guide teaches readers how to do most of an architect’s work themselves, from visualizing structure, shape, and proportion, to decorating. Material is covered step-by-step, complete with inspirational ideas, and professional secrets - all explained in layman’s terms. The perfect companion for the popular Complete Idiot’s Guide to Building Your Own Home

People about
The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Designing your Own Home

Striking out on designing one’s own house is a lonely prospect. Most books provide cursory information, which left you hungry. This book goes into much greater detail on the process than any other. So start with it and then wander over to the home forum. That is where you’ll get a major education from people who are building homes whether with book plans, and architect, or their own design.

If you are planning to interview architects to design your home, you have to read this book. It is very informative and inspiring. It is also educational, without being boring at all. I learned many terms, principles, and rules, that proved extremely helpful when talking to architects about our plans and ideas. It saved all of us a lot of time and money simply because we were “talking the same language” as the architect. Reading this book allowed us and the architect we selected to collaborate all along the way until our house was completed. We could not have made such a good team with the architect, and obtain such a great result, without getting the information and inspiration from this book.

The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Designing your Own Home [Paperback], Oreste Drapaca (Author), Abigail R. Esman (Author), ISBN-10: 1592575013, ISBN-13: 978-1592575015.

Total 3D Home Design Deluxe

Home-design software for creating the home of your dreams. Search through 14,000 sample floorplans or scan and trace your own. Visualize your home design and decorate and furnish with realistic 3D objects. Simply drag-and-drop SmartRoom Blocks to create complete rooms automatically. Import digital photos; custom 3D design tools; helpful video tutorial.

Design Your Home. Visualize Your Dreams!

3D Home Design Software.

Use one of 14,000 ready-to-build floorplans to launch your house design!

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Quickly visualize your home improvement projects. Whether you are redecorating a room, remodeling your house, or designing your dream home, everything is included. No architectural or construction experience is needed.

Total 3D Home separates itself from other products in its class since it is designed for you, rather than an architect. Previous design skills are not needed. Whether you are remodeling your house, decorating a room, or designing your dream home, the tools and inspiration you need are included. You’ll have access to all the features you need without paying for features you don’t want.

Easy-to-Use & Complete

Simply drag-and-drop to get started quickly. Search through 14,000 sample 3D floor plans or scan and trace your own designs.

14,000 Sample Home Plans to help you get Started!

Visualize your home design.

Visualize your home design and decorate and furnish with realistic 3D objects.

The Easiest Way to Design the Home of Your Dreams!

Never start from scratch! Save time and money using a ready-to-build plan. Easily find a perfect plan that fits your budget, lifestyle, and dreams. The selections are endless!

Endless Selection of Styles

Country, contemporary, traditional, spanish/mediterranean, coastal/beach homes, chalets, colonial, southwestern, cottages, victorian, european farmhouse, ranch style, early american, recreation/vacation, two bedroom flats, luxury homes, small home plans, southern homes, one-story homes, two-story homes, three-story homes.

Easy-to-Use Professional-Quality Features

Professional 3D House Design.

Get ideas from 2,500 professional house designs.

Quick FloorPlan Designer - Simply drag and drop SmartRoom Blocks to create complete rooms automatically.

Scan & Trace Blueprints - Perfect for remodeling projects as you can add, delete, or move walls.

Color-Coded Floor Plan - Easily identify furniture, appliances, windows, doors, and more in your design.

Video Tutorial - Loaded with helpful tips, the comprehensive Video Tutorial walks you through starting, building, and viewing your plan.

Powerful Custom 3D Design Tools

3D House Design Software.

Create designs that fulfill your dreams.

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Import Digital Photos - Further customize your design by importing pictures into your design. Want to see how your favorite chair will look in your new living room? Just import a picture of it.

Custom Doors & Windows - Choose from over 40 window and door designs. Then modify them to fit your design.

Easily Estimate Costs & Track Your Budget - Create designs that fulfill your dreams and fit your budget. Automatically track estimated and actual costs for materials and labor.

Exclusive Window Treatment Design Tool - Wake up your windows! Try new ideas for shades, valances, panels, and more.

Millions of Design Combinations - Choose from unlimited combinations of tiles, flooring, paint, wallpaper, bricks, and more.

High-Quality 3D Imaging

Real-Photo Dynamic Imaging - Total 3D Home’s advanced photo rendering transforms the look of a room using real photography.

Drag & Drop 3D Furniture & Objects - Quickly decorate and furnish your home with life-like 3D objects.

20,000 Brand-Name Products - No other software provides you with as many brand-name products as Total 3D Home. Visualize furniture, appliances, and other items in your plan before you buy them.

3D Kitchen & Bath Remodeling - Designing the perfect open kitchen or bathroom has never been easier. Try new fixtures, appliances, and cabinets in seconds. Then view it in 3D!

3D Bedroom & Living Room Makeovers - Find a new style or look by quickly applying new colors, textures, and fabrics to furniture and floors.

Automatic Customizable Roofs - Choose from Hip, Gable, Gambrel, Flat, Shed, or Mansard. Then adjust the angle and pitch for a custom design.

Total 3D Home Design Deluxe by Individual Software, Inc. Platform: Windows 8, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 2000, Windows XP. ASIN: B003BYQ8J4.